Charging an empty battery with a battery charger

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Which charger do you need? Do not buy just any charger, but check beforehand what is the capacity of your best car batteries. This is placed at the top of your battery. Now you know how many amp-hour (Ah) your battery has and now you can look for a suitable battery charger. We’re going to help here, because we are going to explain the difference in the various chargers.

  • Standard battery charger, also called a linear battery charger
  • Automatic battery charger, also known as a microprocessor-controlled, multi-stage battery charger called
  • Charger maintenance, also known as a trickle charger
  • Maintenance Charger solar energy also called solar-battery protection

1. Standard battery charger, also known as a linear battery charger

This charger can often be recognized by the price. The principle of the linear battery charger is very simple. The charger provides a direct and constant voltage. The battery then uses power from the charger. When connecting the charger gives this much direct current, which probably sparks. Gradually check the battery less and less power, until he is fully charged.

In these linear battery chargers is a wire-wound transformer which transforms the voltage from 230V to about 14V DC voltage, with the aid of a rectifier. The disadvantage of these chargers is that they have an efficiency of about 75% and that there is no control function is on. You put the pressure on and the meter on the charger you can see if the battery still draws power. If he does not then he’s full of it. With this “clumsy” way of charging you also kill off a battery. The chargers are available in 6, 12 and 24 V.

2. Automatic charger also called a microprocessor-controlled, multi-stage battery charger called

These chargers are equipped with the microprocessor and can therefore first check the condition of the battery before they begin charging. A “cleaner” way of charging than with a linear charger, which is much better for your battery.

This type of charger has no transformer, but uses electronics to convert the voltage from 230V to 14V DC. This provides a flat and stable DC voltage which is much better for your battery. The charger charging in several stages:

  • Test: Test the charger on the battery condition and charge status.
  • Soft Charge: if the battery is empty so that he receives no tension, he is accused of a very small charging current.
  • Desulphation: When a battery it can be sulfated has not been used, the charger goes then sulfate.
  • Bulk Cargo: Now the charger will charge the battery with a constant current up to 85% of total capacity.
  • Absorption Charge: The leader now provides a constant voltage to 98% of total capacity.
  • Reloading: loaded with a slightly increased charging voltage is the battery to 100%.

3. Maintenance Charger, also known as trickle

A trickle charger is the perfect solution if you do not use batteries for a long time. Examples are a camper, caravan, boat or motorcycle that you do not use it all year round. A trickle charger can hang on your battery for a time and this ensures that it remains dropwise loaded. So so you battery is not empty and does he not broken. Note that you can with a trickle charger or maintenance charger does not fully charge your battery, only maintained. Want a package? Opt for an automatic battery charger, because in addition to one charge function also have a maintenance service.

4. Maintenance charger solar energy also called solar-battery protection

For example, if you are on holiday with your caravan you do not want your battery is empty, you can avoid this with a solar charger maintenance. With the proceeds of the solar panel keep the battery voltage, and you’ll never be surprised when you want to leave. It is very simple; put the group behind the windscreen and plug the cigarette lighter plug into the car. The battery is now charged even during cloudy days. For use in cars, caravans, tractors, boats, etc.

Advice when buying a battery charger

We have now discussed four different chargers, but which one should you buy now? You should at least know how much capacity your battery. This is the most important. On this basis, you can purchase a battery charger with the appropriate capacity. If you have a mild to buy battery charger you have a problem, because they can never fully charge your battery and this is even detrimental to your battery.

We advise you to purchase an automatic battery charger. These are perhaps slightly more expensive, but they also bring and keep your battery really in top condition. These chargers are very easy to use because you have to do anything yourself. Plug it into your battery, it checks the state of your battery, and then he starts charging. Additional advantage is that him can put a maintenance station. An all-in-one solution! We offer you a choice of over 100 chargers.

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Before investing in the purchase of industrial machinery for embroidery workshop, we have to look at individual requirements and know what we’re getting into. Otherwise, it is very likely that our business goes wrong. Here are some recommendations for the best embroidery machine


Although this is an excellent business, it brings good profits; embroidery industry is usually a face while knowing the price of everything, could stay on only a dream.

It is best that before buying an industrial embroidery machine get fixated on this and find out the total cost of an industrial embroidery workshop in the town where you want to install.


To begin with embroidery business, you have to get the best industrial machinery area, as this will help ensure the future of your business. Investigates embroidery machines that meet the characteristics of your business and it will be the easier decision. There are industrial and semi-industrial machines and both vary in prices.



These machines have strength and can sew stitch where other industrial machines can not. It has the disadvantage that they are limited in options and embroidery industry today is very demanding. An example is that their series are discontinued, so you can only find them used.


Brother embroidery machines are very useful but when damaged is tough to repair. It has great stitches, although they have been working. The old industrial machines Brother sewing differently to the new, so you have to look out for is what you need most.


These industrial machines are the most sought after by embroiderers but have a high price. These devices can work 24 hours and stitch quality is perfect; also they do not need a lot of thread count and have a long life of course if you give them a good maintenance.


You want to make a beautiful piece of work. There are some things to look out for:

  • Use a good quality yarn (usually the machine under its brand yarn as Brother lower yarn).
  • Use a high-quality embroidery thread.
  • Make the embroidery pattern the first time on a swatch of the same material. This applies digitized specially design for themselves.

Embroidery always with a stabilizer underneath the fabric (supporting material). There are different types of tear away stabilizer (stitching and pull). It is best to tension along the web with the dust in the ring. The thinner the fabric, the thicker the fabric you choose. With elastic material (tricot) use an adhesive film (Filmoplast) when you paste the jersey. This adhesive film can also be used if the substance is too small to embroider the ring or too thick. Then spans the sticky web in the coating pulls off and then place the fabric on the sticky web. There is also to iron curtain (bonding).

Make sure that the support material and embroider beautiful fabric taut in the hoop. The tighter and smoother the fabric is more beautiful is the embroidery.

“Hairy” substance (such as faux fur or Terry), you can cover with water soluble stabilizer (Soluble, Avalon) before you start embroidering. This makes the embroidery is nicely connected and stabbing and no hairs or tabs between.

When embroidering, take care that it can move along the cloth freely. With a small piece of this is usually not a problem, but a large part of you should support. The patch should not “hang on the machine.”

Just as with sewing, you can use thicker or thinner needles. This is related to the type of yarn and fabric type you are using.

Clean the machine clean. Please refer to service (maintenance/complaints). Here is how you can give a little support.

If you are thinking about buying an embroidery machine for the first time, you may have some doubts about how to choose the one that best suits your needs. So in today’s post, we’ll tell you what things you have to keep in mind when choosing an embroidery machine.

One of the main things you have to know is that if you want to buy an embroidery machine need to have a certain looseness or some experience with the sewing machine because it is something that requires more technique and practice.

What you’re going to use? There are many embroidery machines, so it is necessary to choose the best suited to projects that are going to develop, whether it is for personal use will not have any problems, but if you’re using a more professional manner may have to invest some more money for better results.

What kind of projects are you going to work? Not the same job with embroidery three colors to work with embroidery 7 or 8. It is best to choose an embroidery machine that fits the size of your projects so that you easier to work.

We recommend that before deciding you consider all these possibilities and if you have any doubt consult us.

And if you already have decided you want to buy a new embroidery machine, you can take a look at embroidery machines available in our online store.

Criteria to identify the best hand vacuum for car cleaning

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Among many types of vacuums, hand vacuum is also considered as the best car vacuum. Therefore, on this article, we will list out the criteria which should be taken into account to identify which one is the best vacuum for you.

The grip

The Dyson upright vacuum cleaner models are recognizable by their unique and rather futuristic design. The DC62, DC45 V6 and therefore have the same structure, the same balance, and the same operation. However, some small details make the difference: the DC62 and V6 are equipped with 2 rows of cyclones expected to increase air flow and improve the suction of fine particles. The grip remains the same: the desire switches on only when you press the trigger, which can however certainly become a bit annoying after 15 minutes of use, but helps preserve the battery.

Unlike other brush vacuum cleaners, Dyson machines have the enormous advantage of weighing only 2 kilos on the scale (1kg additional count more among other brands) and be particularly well balanced: the center of gravity is located in the handle, and the tube is made of lightweight aluminum. Thus, it cleans not only soil problems but also high surfaces.

The DC62, DC45 V6 also become nod in hand vacuum, they are all-terrain. The only downside to this extreme maneuverability is that it is impossible to be able to stand like the upright vacuum cleaner: it should be left lying or hanging on the wall.


For each device, the suction efficiency is quite impressive: rice grains, cocoa powder … all hard floors are vacuumed dirt on the passage of Dyson, no need to activate the “max” mode. The bristles of carbon fiber of the power head of 3 devices are just for fine dust.

Cleaning efficiency decreases slightly on shag with the DC45, for which it will perform several repeated passes before getting rid of all the dirt. It is noted that the new digital V6 engine, announces a power of 50% higher than the engine DC45 and is more effective. When activating the “max” mode, the brush-turbo sucks all the dirt in under 2 minutes. Note that even at full power, the upright vacuum cleaner delivers a balanced intake; brush never remains glued to the ground, even with the DC45.

The Dyson brand also promises “no loss of suction” in its commercials, and must recognize that cleaning is still effective, even when the battery is nearly flat. Renowned for power and ease of use of its machines, Dyson clearly delivers.


That users be warned: an upright vacuum cleaner is not a quiet vacuum cleaner, Dyson and devices are known to be particularly noisy: 85 dB are bearable for 20 minutes of use, but not more.


Discover Accessories Dyson, it’s a bit like a Christmas where we test new toys: all nozzles and brushes are fun to use when you are used to conventional devices. In addition to the turbo brush, each cordless vacuum comes with a long nozzle and 2-in-1 brush that focus on the charging stand. It is, therefore, possible to reach narrow places and effectively suck the furniture without damaging them.
Other optional accessories are also available, such as brush mattress.

Autonomy and load

All Dyson vacuums have a relatively short range: 20 minutes in normal power, far behind the 30 minutes of other competitors. However, with the use with the trigger, it automatically stops the machine if you want to move thing during the use.


The little Collector (0.4 L) of Dyson vacuum is like all the brand appliances: an accessible latch next to the suction trigger to unlock the hatch of the plastic bin with no contact with the dust. The turbo brush can also be easily disassembled to extract any hair and lint trapped in the bristles.

The filter fitted to the DC62, the DC45, and the V6 is permanent and easily removed for monthly cleaning with clear water. The collector and the set will also be removed and washed from time to time if you want to have an optimal filtration and a device that lasts long.

Again, we appreciate the Dyson brand that designs its machines to make the simplest possible use.

Note: each upright vacuum cleaner is guaranteed for 2 years, a good indicator of the durability of the device.

What is memory foam?

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More and more manufacturers offer mattresses with memory foam which has been processed. But what is memory foam exactly, what are the features and what are the differences between NASA foam, Visco foam and memory foam? View memory foam mattress topper reviews here.

Memory foam

Memory foam memory foam is a polyurethane foam. The foam consists of empty (open) cells. These cells are not entirely closed off so that the air in the cells is not compressed as the foam is pressed into each other. As a result, the foam comes slowly back to its original shape.

A mattress never consists only of memory foam but is mounted on a core of foam or pocket springs. This allows the mattress provides both support and a high level of comfort.

Features of memory foam

Memory foam has two main features:

  • Memory foam is pressure-lowering
  • Memory foam is temperature sensitive

Pressure relieving

Memory foam is mainly used in mattresses for its pressure relieving properties. This property is caused by the open cell structure of the memory foam. When there is pressure on the memory foam, the air present in the cells is spread to the adjacent cells. In this way, the pressure caused by the weight body, spread over a large number of cells.

Temperature sensitive

Memory foam has to pass the trait itself to the ambient and body temperature. At lower temperatures the foam feels harder (higher viscosity) and at higher temperatures the memory foam softer and more elastic (higher compliance). This is why memory foam is also called visco-elastic foam. The temperature sensitivity of memory foam ensures that you, as you longer lies on the mattress further sinks into the mattress. The memory foam mattress Mediactive feels soft and enjoyable to a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions.

Consider in memory foam mattresses

There are several points you should keep in mind when you go looking for a good memory foam mattress. There are some criteria by which you can judge the quality of the memory foam mattress.

The open cell structure

The memory foam mattress should have an open cell structure. When the memory foam has a closed cell structure, does not it adapts perfectly to your body shape and the ventilation capacity of the mattress minimal.

Density memory foam

The density or density of the memory foam is an important criterion in the selection. Not only the degree of comfort but also the price of the mattress is highly dependent on the density of the material. The higher the density, the more expensive the mattress. Also has a high density (greater than 65 kgs / m2) Adverse Effects:

  • The memory foam is significantly more sensitive to temperature fluctuations. The mattress feels at room temperature initially hard, which can be experienced as unpleasant and uncomfortable.
  • It takes considerably longer for the mattress adapts to your body shapes.
  • The ventilating ability of the memory foam decreases.
  • Also memory foam with a density less than 40 kgs / m3 not recommended. This density does not contribute to the desired effect of memory foam, and the service life of such a foam is relatively short. Memory foam mattresses with a density between 50 and 65 kgs / m3 offer the most benefits.


When a high-quality memory foam mattress is not only the density but also the ingredients used to play an important role. Most sellers of memory foam mattresses, however, are not familiar with the source of the processed foam, so you can not understand the ingredients used and thus the quality of the memory foam.

When you choose a brand that memory foam is produced by a leading foam manufacturer, you can be sure that the quality of the memory foam is ensured.


When you choose a memory foam mattress with a medium density, it is important to know the strength of the material used. For your sleeping posture is anything but desirable that over time your hips considerably deeper into the mattress come to lie over your shoulders.

The memory foam should be thoroughly tested. It must pass a test in which the memory foam is rolled 30,000 times at a load of 340 Newtons.


A memory foam mattress never consists only of memory foam. A core of foam (like the Mediactive mattress) or pocket spring is covered with a layer of memory foam. A minimum thickness of the memory foam mounted on foam core, is 5 cm. For optimum comfort, it is desirable that the memory foam top layer has a thickness of at least 7 cm.

When the memory foam layer is mounted on a core of pocket springs, memory foam should be at least 4 cm thick. The pocket spring is fitted with a pressure distributor. However, a memory foam top layer of 5 cm is more desirable.

A thick memory foam top layer is not recommended since this mattress is too soft. Your body is as it were sucked through the material, thereby decreasing the support for your body.


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Instructions on food vacuum sealer

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The food vacuum sealing machines allow hermetic seal their meal with a touch of a button. The concept is that the air removal improves the freshness of food during storage. The devices use sheets or plastic bags. At the end of the vacuum seal, food can be stored in a refrigerator or frozen in the freezer. A bonus for sealing vacuum packaging is that refrigerator odors are reduced, and that can be translated into the cleaner tasting ice cubes and water from the dispenser.View food vacuum sealer review here.

The instructions on using

1. Make a bag from a roll of the plastic sheet provided. Pull out enough plastic sheeting roll for packaging plus three inches around. Place one end of the plastic in the sealing strip and close the lid. Press the seal. Seal the light turns off when the seal is created.

2. Repeat with two other parties, creating a pouch.

3. Place the food in the bag. Place the open end of the bag in the vacuum channel and close the lid. Press on the cover until it clicks. Press the button Vacuum and Seal.

4. Remove the sealed bag when the engine is turned off vacuum sealer. Freeze or refrigerate the bag.

Tips & Warnings

Pre-freezing wet for a couple of hours to prevent moisture from being trapped in the vacuum channel or seal meat.
Check for wrinkles on stamps. Wrinkles can be left in the air. If you find wrinkles, cut the bag open and reseal the bag.

Common problems with food vacuum sealer

The food vacuum sealer is a tool with remarkable utility. It allows cooks to buy content of meals in large quantities and save them for long periods of time. Food that otherwise would be damaged by exposure to air, such as cheese and guacamole, look good and smell fresh well beyond expectations. As useful and convenient as a Foodsaver system can be, not without some problems that could improve.

Liquid dripping

Many home cooks who enjoy vacuum, meaning and liquor; under vacuum cooking, favor the use of vacuum sealer to prepare foodsaver cooking bags. The technique uses low temperatures and longer cooking times to maintain the flavors and high nutrition. The method requires a strong stamp on the foodSaver bags, which can be difficult. The Foodsaver device allows a small amount of fluid to accumulate at its lowest point, but anything in excess can create a complicated problem.

A solution to the problem of liquid dripping liquids is to freeze before attempting to seal them. For example, freeze certain quantities of olive oil or tomato sauce on a tray of ice cubes plastic. While sealing the bag is prepared, insert the oil or sauce ice cube. In frozen, the liquid will remain in the bag.

Cleaning difficulty Tops Containers

The rounded top plastic drums foodsaver have a significant drawback design – can not be immersed in water. The only option is to clean around the edges. Since they can not stand the liquid seal mechanism sensitive vacuum must be careful not to overfill the container. Otherwise, the liquid in the container can be sucked into the vacuum seal and damage.

Inability to Stack Botes

Round, hard plastic cans with rounded tops lack any comfort for cold storage, as they can not be stacked. In a kitchen cabinet, they have to be alone, using the space that could occupy several cans. When the refrigerator space is at a premium, the boats also use more than their fair share of cold space.

Break boat

Hard plastic drums are subject to cracking. As long as they function, possessing the vacuum seal tightly, however, the plastic is thin and brittle. Given the power vacuum suction is not surprising that can have a limited shelf life.

Sealing Glitches

Sealing faults are easily overcome in the bags. If something goes wrong during a procedure bag sealing, you can sacrifice a few centimeters of the bag, cut and close it. With boats, there is a different problem. You may think that you have a tight seal when in fact the vacuum mechanism may have not worked or the container may have cracked invisibly. If the cans are not sealed properly, they can easily spread and does not maintain freshness.

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Tips and Maintenance For The Best Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mower

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Best self propelled electric lawn mower: 4 stroke engine or 2 stroke engine?

On the market today, there are many vendors product lines of electric self-propelled lawn mowers, from the well-known label for products used (computer graveyard), from four-stroke engine line to line up two-stroke engine oil gasoline… To get the necessary information, experiences to select the best self-propelled electric lawn mower, I will share with you some useful information and experience, the managers villas, resorts, the garden owners or the gardeners:

  • For lawn mowers bearing shoulder on the market today can be divided into several different categories: the two-stroke gasoline engines lawn mower, lawn mowers used the 4-stroke gasoline engine, lawn mowers self-charging battery or electrical motor mowers …
  • Each series is appropriate for only a few cases, suppose to cut the grass grows old and no rules, often grows in our public places usually carried shoulder mowers 4-stroke petrol engines with the high capacity such as the 143RII Husqvarna lawn mower.

best self-propelled electric lawn mower

It is a high-capacity line quick revs, concentrations of 7,500 rpm rev / min or up to 40mm diameter. For cutting the uneven grass land or rocky land, often used more to secure the cutter head charges hon. That’s why not use 4-stroke engines as we have the special combustion 4-stroke engines that is going to turn two a new round of efforts, it is 1 to 2 times a round trying once.

So that revs, the larger of the two is more than 4-stroke machines (are same cylinder capacity). Cutting for the old grass areas requiring fast turn round then the new grass is perfectly cut. If low speed, the grass will not break on the contrary it just flops down, we seemed to cut off and alone. But to cut off the old grass that needs to choose the type lines of 4-stroke lawn mower larger capacity, high-capacity capabilities means more fuel consumption. So for cutting the old grass, a little care should be used mowers slung two-stroke engines. For saving fuel, as well as lighter weight machine. Also 4-stroke models for the young grass of the garden or the grass Spot. If you want to cut the young grass in the garden house, you need to use the gasoline engine and will generate noise and affect the business of hotels, resorts, gardens …

For serving this purpose, there are many mower manufacturers have for the electric lawn mower line, type 220V and rechargeable batteries themselves, they are electrical lawn mowers. The electric motor when the line is weaker than gasoline engines and especially not in the long term be cut. They are used in the hot conditions, long operation and the motor will affect the using of the engine as well as product quality. O-line does not cause contamination mower noise, does not affect the people around, the electrical lawn mowers are easy to use, middle-aged people and women are also use… Handy and easy to use is gentle electric lawn mower line. Models are people use in home gardens and even in places where low noise requirements.

For regular lawn care, lush and in gardens, parks, or the villas resorts stacker machines often use non-motorized. Example about the Husqvarna 54 mower is a non-motorized mower, the rule of operation of this machine structure use as Phil bike. You bike to the car, pedal backward, the viewer doesn’t move. This type machine while you pushed forward, wrapped mourning will come and will immerse into the blades of grass, the grass will be cut by the static blade. Push the reverse (pull back); the funeral will be reversed freely or be taken a rest. Extremely convenient, no sound. Especially that both cut and sports fitness.

But for cutting on a large area, you use the electric motor 220V or the self-charging battery machines-powered models will not fit anymore because would have thought that so much ineffective. Using the lawn mowers by the pushing hand model will do good things, but it is not noisy like a fuel machine, does not rest as handhelds, shoulder carrying machine 220V electric or battery charger itself. Stacker models will replace immediately.

The use of lawn mowers with 220V electric stacker bins will include much more convenient. No fuss, no need to collect the grass, not the rest as portable lawn mower or carry shoulder-electric power use. It is a typical example camera, lawn mowers Gardena 32E electric stacker. If you need to cut the garden lawn less than 320 square meters, it will be suitable with the 32E series, even if the garden dimension is 300 square meters, use below 800 Gardena 42 euros. Moreover, we moved through the line hand push lawn mower gasoline settled up the line. 4-stroke engine with cutting blades is positioned horizontally to the ground.

Reviews of some the best self-propelled lawn mower lawn mowers

Maybe you will have more choices for you to get the best one for your work.

The self-propelled lawn mower lawn mowers Black & Decker 220V genuine EMAX32

To create a new breakthrough in design, Black & Decker US firms will always produce the line of garden care products cheap, to meet the demand for home garden use. In including the product line Emax32, which is considered the best-selling product line on the market today, with huge consumption and many farms, growers use.

Some pros and cons of the self-propelled lawn mower Black & Decker electric EMAX32

Disassembly easy, convenient, and women can also manipulate and professional maturity during mowing, more mobility in the process of moving. Can be used on many different types of grass guests, including perennial grasses are not trimmed, or regular lawn care. Lawn mowers Black & Decker EMAX32 220V genuine buyers more choices, they rated it as a harmonious choice in the care of the garden.


  • Model Emax32
  • Black & Decker US Manufacturer
  • 1200 W capacity of the machine
  • Width 32 cm slices
  • 3 Number of cutting mode
  • Mowing height classes 20-40 – 60 mm
  • Power cord length 12 meters
  • Drivetrain cut E-Driver
  • Capacity of 35 liters of grass collector Containers
  • The weight of 7.4 kg lawn mower

The self-propelled lawn mower electric Gardena 36E 04 047

The Description of Product

  • Manufacturer: Gardena
  • Trolley Type
  • The capacity of the machine (W) 1500
  • Cutting width approximately: 360 (mm)
  • Height of cut classes: 20-60 (mm)
  • The cover is made of special plastic, durable and resistant to rain, sunscreen
  • There are five levels of height adjustment mowing 20-60 mm
  • Capacity containing grass cavity: 40L
  • Overall Weight: 13.5kg Machine
  • This type is often used to cut grass for the garden with an area of 500 m2
  • Place of Origin: Italy

The self-propelled electric lawn mower Gardena 04 047 36E is an electrically powered lawn mowers and grass container; it can be used as a factory to the dedicated ground when replacing blades. You can adjust the speed of the machine; the boot technology is ready; you just need to gently push the joystick as the machine will be out of action.

When mowing, the grass will be evenly distributed layer of soil, as a natural fertilizer reuse the land is good for you. The height of cut grade 5 mode adjustable from 20-60 mm. 36E electric lawn mowers are also integrating more functionality to the use of convenient and comfortable for the user. For example, machine cleaning function is integrated with the tap, thus cutting surface can easily be cleaned. After completion of the lawn, you can fold up neatly machines, distilled machine without consuming storage area.

Features of lawn mowers Black & Decker GL5530 Hand:

Lawn mowers Black & Decker GL5530 handheld can help you complete the cleanup in the garden weeds quickly and easily. Because weight and compact size, lawn mowers GL5530 very convenient for women to control.

  • Lawn mowers Black & Decker GL5530 handheld with powerful motor, 530W power will make the work mowing becomes fast, compact and highly effective.
  • Hand mowers mowing GL5530 has a diameter of up to 30cm can be quickly cut large grass patches without spending too much of your time.
  • Mowers GL5530 modern design and high-performance cutting system very effective in cutting the high grass where or whether to cut wet grass in places. Simultaneously with its compact design, long handles and lightweight compared to other types of lawn mower so you will not waste too much space when stored, easy to move from one place to another.

Information about lawn mowers Black & Decker GL5530 Hand:

  • Power: 530W
  • Cutting width: 30cm
  • No-load speed: 7,300 rpm / min
  • Freight fiber diameter: 1.5mm
  • The length of wire: 10m.
  • Weight: 2.65kg

The self-propelled lawn mower electric Gardena 8845 of Germany

With the quiet electric motor, suitable for trimming grass yard. The lovely garden villas, garden villas to the garden in the resort, hospital or Resort territories. Electric self-propelled lawn mower Gardena 8845 is a great work to create an urban landscape, a blue uniform, and beautiful plaque.

The features of Gardena 8845 electric lawn mower: Charge automatically pulls out when the first cut off all freight charges. Freight removable cutting head easily, quickly help you replace charges against. With the support structure holding the power cable, you will not be unfastened help unexpectedly by manipulating cutting excess length of wire. The electric lawn mower is safety series by mowing by freight, light weight machine so women can also be used. Unlike lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers to use and more convenient than ki move.

Machine parameters:

  • Power: 300w.
  • Cutting width: 23cm.
  • Length of wire: 10m.
  • Weight: 1,9kg.

Electric lawn mowers Gardena’s 8845 series uses 220v electricity, very handy for small family gardens. Quiet operation, more convenient especially for cutting grass using secure freight than the blade used for cutting steel. Is entirely in line with the pruning of young grass for work in the garden. The cutting head can cut freight sides easily and safely follow the instructions. The substitution of fast combat shields.

Buy a baby pack and play: what to look for?

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While you have your hands free, your baby is comfortable in the pack and play. Beautiful! But the offer is great, so where do you look at when purchasing a pack and play? You can also read best pack and play reviews at

New or used?

You must first decide whether you want to buy a new or used pack and play. Those who opt for used pack and play can save considerably. The price of a new pack and play namely rises around € 50 to € 600 (or more!) at any major provider. Disadvantage of construction is that you usually do not get a warranty. And you will have to assess whether the pack and plays are secure. With new pack and plays, you can assume that they meet strict safety requirements. Read our buying tips below to know where you should look to buy a pack and play. We also provide information on the available models.


In the shop, there is an appropriate pack and play for anyone: there are square and rectangular, but they may also be round or octagonal. They are for one child, but also for two. With a good pack and play, you can adjust the height. The first month, you use the highest setting. As your baby gets more mobile, you can put down the bottom so that your child can explore his environment without the risk of having fall out of the pack and play. Most pack and plays have bars on the side. Other, often lighter models, a net. They are also a handy storage tray, though you can also easily slide a roll box below. There are also folding pack and plays, which you can easily carry or can keep handy until the next shoot has arrived.

Mobile pack and play

Some pack and plays have wheels. If you have the space, such a pack and play on wheels is convenient. For example, you can put it in the kitchen while cooking. That is cozy and you can take better control. Were you a little convenient? Then screw you as a set of wheels of the construction under a pack and play without wheels. Choose wheels that can carry enough weight for a pack and play is pretty heavy. One or two wheels with a brake is convenient: you can lock the pack and play.

Buying Tips: what to look for?

In the first place, a pack and play must be safe. When buying a new or second-hand pack and play on the following issues:

  • The space between the bottom and the side wall must not exceed half a centimeter.
  • The pack and play must be sufficiently deep, otherwise, your child can climb out. Then check yourself: with the soil in the low position you measure from the ground to the highest point of the side: this must be at least 60 cm away. Do the same measurement with the soil in the raised position, the distance must be at least 30 cm.
  • The distance between the bars should be, as well as be at a safe bed, between 4.5 and 6.5 cm.
  • In a net pack and play with walls of wire mesh instead of bars, the mesh can be up to 0.7 cm. This is to prevent your child trapped or suffocate if he shows its teeth against the side of his face. Particular care in older boxes: wishing sometimes differs on this point.
  • Leave a properly fitted playmat in the pack and play to prevent your child may become jammed under the rug. An extra mattress in the pack and play to be highly discouraged for this reason.
  • A collapsible pack and play must have a child-proof lock.
  • Height adjustment should only be possible with tools.
  • Splinters or flaking paint on a wooden pack and play, torn loopholes, crumbling foam or other protrusions – often at the edges of a net pack and play: all out of the question. Buy a pack and play with such a defect is not.
  • The pack and play should not wobble or – your worst nightmare – tilt as for example a sibling depends on it. A pack and play on wheels? Note that this can block.
  • Do you have a pack and play that you want to paint yourself? Use water-based paint. Painter preferably a few thin layers on each other, because they make less loose might suck or bite your child on the wood.

Safe environment

A pack and play should be marked a safe place for your child. Therefore, pay attention to a secure environment in and around the pack and play:

  • Do not put the pack and play too close to the stove or heater associated with the risk of overheating.
  • Make sure your child can become entangled in anything, such as a low-hanging mobile top pack and play or curtain cords if you are standing at the window.
  • Lay not overfill the pack and play with toys, because using an agile child stack so as a stepping stone to climb out.

Tips for buying a tent.

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You go camping with a tent, but what do you look for when you buy a tent? These are essential tips for how to choosing cheap camping tents for sale

1. How many people?

How many people stay in the tent? Do not save on space, because keep in mind that if you are in bad weather, you all need to sit inside together. “Too big tent is a luxury, but too small a tent is a raw deal”. In the tent industry, it is often considered to spend sixty-centimeter width per person, but that is too little. Take at least a tent for five people, if you are with three other people”.

2. Check the campsite?

Are you already at the campsite? Find out how great the place. On most sites, you will find extensive maps. And please call or email them to ask for different information. Many people are afraid that they can not place a large tent at a campsite, and therefore choose a too small one. They think this is not necessary. And it turns out that the tent is too tight.

3. What do you feel?

You should feel like being at home in your tent, because you are going to spend a lot of time in the tent. I always let people just look around first. What shape do you like? What size fits you? What color do you like? Try to sense to choose a tent. ”

4. How much money?

In an ideal world, you can tune your budget on the perfect tent. But unfortunately, the opposite is true for most of us, especially in this time of crisis. That is why I always ask what people want to spend at maximum. If they have less to spend, it makes no sense to make them tasty with large, costly tents.

Keep in mind: how often do you use the tent? Are you going alone on vacation? You might want to spend more money on your second home.

5. Tunnel, bungalow, pyramid?

Most families today opt for a tunnel tent that is easy to set up thanks to the bow sticks and offer a lot (am) space. Tents are still there, but they are actually used only when people camping all season. They are the most stable, and offer the most space because the walls are straight up.

But it is a huge hassle with such heavy sticks frame. The pyramid shape is also clearly displaced by the tunnel tent.

6. Pulling or permanent place?

As a standard rule I use: if you move, choose a polyester fabric, and if you stand in one place, take a cotton tent. Polyester tents are lighter and dry faster: ideal when you have to relocate frequently and quickly. But cotton tents breathe better and are more robust, and that is fine if you constantly dwell in your semi-house.

Cotton is however more expensive, hence permanent campers now set off with polyester. And poly cotton is booming because it is cheaper than cotton, but more breathable than polyester.

7. Car, bike, walking?

How much space do you have? If you go out with the bike, you need a very light, compact tent of polyester (or nylon). If you have a small car, you have a little more space, but a large cotton colossus of more than sixty kilos will therefore not succeed.

8. When you go and where?

Where are you going to? Whether you end up in the rain and / or cold? The heat is fine with cotton, especially if you have no shade. In a polyester tent, it quickly becomes too stuffy. And the fabric is also easily damaged: polyester is literally burnt in the sun.

And what if you go to rainy areas? Polyester dries faster, so it can be an advantage in wet weather. The disadvantage of polyester with wetness: it can feel stuffy inside faster. In both sun and rain, poly-cotton blend naturally is an attractive shape.

9. Sticks or pumps?

Air tents are quite popular. They are faster, and you do not have to drag and play with sticks. It is a good development because the ease of use. What if a tube (air tube, ed.) breaks down during your vacation? You must then play, and get a bucket of water to locate the leak.

Family Tent Center

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5 Things you should know before buying aromatherapy diffusers

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Burners essential oils, aromatherapy diffusers, vaporizers, and more … They are a great way to purify and revitalize the home environment with excellent aromas of healing. But what model of aromatherapy is right for you? Vaporizers are available in all kinds of colors and designs. Using a vaporizer is a very simple to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy manner. Vaporizers are widely available.

Another great device is an oil burner. Some essential oils burners with a tea-light candle. Essential oils are flammable, so be very careful around flames and heat sources. If you use a tape recorder to spread the oil, put water on the burner first. The essential oil is set in the air as the water evaporates. Also, you should keep an eye on the essential oil is burned.

Finally, electric aromatherapy diffusers, which permeates a fine mist of your favorite essential oils through the air. Recently, the ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is the most popular model because there is a risk of burns. It also turns off automatically when the water level drops below a certain height. Very safe and easy to use before buying an aromatherapy diffuser, essential oils follow these tips before

5 Tips for using essential oils

  1. Essential oils are flammable, so be very careful around flames and heat sources. If you use a tape recorder to spread the oil, put water on the burner first. The safest and easiest to use speaker is the electric aromatherapy diffuser Chi Activate. No flame at all just put the oil and water in the diffuser and ultrasound waves essential oils are broken.
  2. Do not drink essential oils. Essential oils are for external use only. Some essential oils can be very toxic if swallowed.
  3. Do not apply undiluted essential oils directly. Only lavender and tea tree oil are exceptions to this rule.
  4. Keep all essential oils out of the reach of children.
  5. If you want to use essential oils during pregnancy, the child or young person, please seek the advice of an experienced and qualified before aromatherapy.

What essential oil should be used?

Always use only 100% pure essential oils, synthetic oils, since they have the healing properties of pure essential oils. There are many different blends to choose to put in your aroma diffuser. You may have a mixture of relaxation when you return home after a long day of work.

If you are considering a combination of energy will help you concentrate more. You may even want to create a special party mix if you are having a party or to celebrate his birthday. Or create a romantic atmosphere for your lover. Experiment with your favorite essential oils can be fun and rewarding.

Ultrasound essential oil diffuser

They are used to effectively disseminate their essential oils. With this ultrasonic aroma diffuser, live pure and natural experience of hydro diffusion and micro-mobilization of essential oils to scent the interior of your home or your office. Easy to use, lighting and spray flow are adjustable.

The ultrasonic waves act on a solution of water and essential oils creating a mist of millions of micro-particles of essential oils that act to improve their health and welfare.


  • With safety device that shuts off the unit automatically when there is 20 ml in the water reservoir. Silent and low power consumption.
  • Dimensions: Height 15 cm. Base 10 cm wide.
  • Electrical characteristics: 24V 500mA.
  • Power: 18 W. Capacity 100 ml. 3.30 hours broadcast continuously at full power.
  • A program to change the color of the diffuser and leave fixed or changing color.
  • Three intensities of vapor emission.
  • Reserve water filling easy.
  • It works only in sectors 220 V / 230 V – 50 Hz.

The micro-diffusion of aromatic molecules can create the atmosphere you want depending on the oil you choose: relaxing, tonic, fresh and spicy … Enter the world of thousand and one scents of essential oils. This Mist sprayer provides three important features: purifies air, slightly moisten the atmosphere and improves the olfactory atmosphere of the place where it is. This device is ideal for any room in the house, conference room, hotels, beauty salons, and cosmetic, etc …


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Essential oil diffuser, the best way to spread an essential oil

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Do you know what a diffuser essential oils? Discover the most effective way to disseminate essential oils maintaining all its properties. Today, I will tell you my experience with essential oil, one of the best investments I’ve made in recent years.

About two and a half years ago, I bought this essential oil diffuser and for me it was a discovery, always used to use oil burners and have to say that I now understand why it was recommended, it is a blast.

Experience with essential oil diffuser

The first thing I loved was to receive his presentation, it comes in a box perfectly protected and safe so that the glass will not break, a department which includes instructions and everything you need to know about this essential oil diffuser.

Of course, I quickly took all the pieces to get started immediately, the assembly has no mystery, simply fit the three pieces, has a wooden base, a header glass consists of two pieces.

If I have to say that the glass is a little delicate so be careful when handling, but good as carefully as we would with any utensil glass neither more nor less. I found a place in my living room where I knew I did not move much and is not a passageway to pull anyone.

Essential oils diffuser

Operation is super simple, the back will find a wheel to turn and scale the broadcast power, of course, I put it to maximum power

Once connected and before turning I prepared a blend of essential oils, for me are the best because they are Bio and also chemotype, ie, when using these oils have the assurance that their properties are guaranteed, are oils that use parts of the right to keep their properties intact plant.

I tell you my favorite mix, which of course at the time of start with Green Worries I included in the catalog, you know that every product in the shop Green Concern is personally selected and complies with qualities and characteristics of quality and certification. All our products are certified natural. I will not expatiate and I tell you my favorite mix:

And not enough with all this a surprise we still, this diffuser provides ambient LED light, a touch that makes it perfect for the experience to be perfect in the review I have prepared showed how the diffuser works and have turned off the light at a time when the video light so you can see how it works.

FAQs essential oil diffuser

What surface reaches? The essential oil diffuser Nobile has a range from 10 m² to 100 m² so it is enough for a house, obviously if we have a house structure with many twists and doors will not reach everywhere, so I have located a lounge area with access to the corridor, so the spread is quite spread through the house.

Does it last long? Yes, the life of this essential oil diffuser is quite long, I have two and a half years ago and I use it every day, even twice a day.

A lot is spent product? It’s amazing what saves on essential oils compared to the burners, just a few drops of product diffuses two hours, I usually use 10-15 drops of oil per broadcast session.

It makes noise? The essential oil diffuser Nobile is not loud, I personally do not I hear.

Is there a guarantee? As electrical appliance comes with a warranty.

What if I do not want to use it two hours? Nothing happens, just turn it off when you decide.

Is the oil must be mixed with water? NEVER mix oil with water, this essential oil diffuser is used with pure essential oils only.

Where can I get it? You will find the essential oil diffuser will found Nobile and essential oils if any question you can not find without obligation and we can include it in our catalog.

What price? Its market price may vary, we offer the Green Concerns essential oil diffuser Nobile at a competitive price of 55 €.

I hope you enjoyed my experience with essential oil diffuser Nobile, if you have any questions do not hesitate I Have This Test in the comments or advice in the area of Green Concerns personally will attend your query without obligation.

Get in our online store and discover your natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics and cosmetics fair trade. Hygiene also finds free of synthetic chemicals and more

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Aromatherapy: diffusers and essential oils

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Aromatherapy is a therapy that can treat patients with essential oils.

Caution: Essential oils should never be applied directly to the skin without using a vegetable oil based and should be ingested. It should be taken only diluted in base oil and only on the advice of a professional aromatherapist. One of the best uses of essential oils is by inhalation thereof.

Essential oils that we recommend are 100% natural and ecological chemotype. Specifically, we recommend the use of essential oils, as well as being ecological and chemotype when acquired it helps people at risk of social exclusion.

In this article, we will not talk about the use of essential oils on the skin using another carrier oil but let’s talk about how to make the spread of the essential oil in the environment for inhalation.

Below some of the properties of some essential oils:

Can we get spray the essential oil in the environment ?

We will do it through the diffusers. We have tested aroflora diffusers, namely, two models: the EasyFuzz (TM) and USB computer, although there are many more such as car diffusers that can be connected directly to the 12V cigarette lighter socket.

Broadcast Types

  • ULTRASOUND: Allows cold mix the essential oil with water in a light haze thanks to ultrasound. It is a silent method and allows humidify the air, which is usually dried by air conditioning systems.
  • Ventilation: By air flow diffusion allows the diffusion of essential oil. the microparticles are propelled and all properties are preserved because no oil is hot.
  • MIST: Another cold diffusion method that preserves all the properties of the oils. The air is propelled and a light mist is achieved.
  • FOR MILD HEAT RELEASE: Easy to use and economical. It is quiet and effective.

Diffusers essential oils, all are equal?

Essential oils diffusers are widely used by lovers of aromatherapy as it is an ideal way to benefit from this therapy.


An essential oil is an aromatic product that is extracted from the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants PAM by steam stripping technique (and in the case of citrus by expression of its shell). It is highly concentrated, aromatic, non-oily, water insoluble and non-volatile. Its last feature is what allows you to open a jar containing it can perceive its aroma. And it is that we use in diffusers essential oils to scent the air from the room and receive the benefits of this product.

The volatile characteristic is that for the dissemination interests us most. I define volatility as the passage of a gas-liquid substance at ambient temperature. If we increase the temperature then volatility increases. In the case of essential oils, what interests us is that they can be dispersed in the air faster and they can reach wider spaces.

What is essential oils diffusers?

A diffuser of essential oils in the sense that we use in Aromatherapy is an element that helps us through the traditional and usually heat from a tea candle to more effectively disperse essential oils. Focus generating heat can also be used (this is called electric diffusers). There are essential oils ultrasonic diffusers or cold, already discussed in another article.

You can also use essential oils from a simple cotton handkerchief or left outdoors to jewelry specially designed to be used individually, through a myriad of attachments which release essential oils into the air.

How Diffusers Essential Oils are used?

The essential oil is added to a bowl of hot water as if exposed to direct fire most likely burn with which the therapeutic properties are lost.

The diffuser sailing and electrical increase the water temperature where the essential oils so placed that although these are insoluble in water, are “carried” by the steam which rises from the container in which they are contained. It is important here to say that the heat source should NOT boil water. The temperature should be only enough to allow volatile essential oils and water evaporation smoothly. In any case, essential oils should “liberates” out of the bottle to conquer the air … and beyond.

Essential oils diffusers allow only employ an essential oil or a mixture thereof. Some, however, must be employed with care: ginger, thyme, mint, cinnamon, rosemary can be very irritating to both the exposed skin such as facial skin or delicate mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Is considered safe from 5 drops add up to 12-15 drops of pure or mixed to make a synergy that elevates its therapeutic essential oils.

Why it therapeutically?

Essential oils diffusers serve primarily to:

To release the aromas of essential oils into the air and from there perceived so pleasant. This technique is well suited to modulate the responses of pleasure people get their aromas. It is suitable to acclimate the common and individual spaces and impact for example in cases of insomnia, stress, anxiety, fear, restlessness. Suitable essential oils are for example; lavender, sandalwood, clary, marjoram, lemon, mandarin, cedar, geranium, litsea, etc.

To achieve clean environments since all essential oils are cleansing, antiseptic, air properties. This is well suited to hit a respiratory system suffering from respiratory tract infections such as flu, colds, tonsillitis, sinusitis. Suitable essential oils for this purpose are; mint, rosemary, ravensara, eucalyptus, thyme, etc.


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How to enlarge a small room?

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Enlarge a small room is not so complicated! To visually save some m2 without having to push the walls,

find here some useful tips. Follow our 7 easy and simple tips to enlarge a small room, with advice

from the interior designer Camille Hermand.

The bedroom is your refuge, such as your home. Yours is too small? To enlarge a small room without any

big renovation, we must optimize the space intelligently. Low ceiling, too dark or unsuitable furniture on

the walls, it is still possible to gain free space and to create a customized space sensation. Here are our 7


Tip # 1: Clean up to avoid cluttering the room

To enlarge a small room, we must first clean things up because every cluttered room immediately

appears smaller. We must sort things out, throw unnecessary things to not give a feeling of

accumulation. This advice can be applied to clog space, but also for unsuitable or too bulky furniture.

Tip # 2: Choose light colors to enlarge a small room

The golden rule to give the illusion of a larger room is to use light colors. Blue in combination with

white is the color that grows more room when chosen in a lighter shade. One can also bet on the pastel

colors like powder pink and pale green, or even more neutral shades such as cream, sand, putty or

twine. If the room is too small, opt for total white look for wall, floor and ceiling. But in general, we

must keep in mind that we should always choose the color of the floor and ceiling a bit darker to give an

impression of space.

Tip # 3: Light system to enlarge a small room

To enlarge a small room, you can highlight the walls by lighting. According to Camille Hermand, interior

designer, you can restore the volume of a narrow and poorly proportioned room playing on the light.

Multiple light sources, and illuminate the different areas such as the reading area, library or office.

Multiple spaces and bright spots in the same volume, it gives the feeling of a larger room. To balance the

part and stretch the walls, you may also distribute a light from the bottom up or even place an LED light strip on the ground.

Tip # 4: Hang mirrors to enlarge a small room

The mirrors are unmatched to enlarge a small room. Choose the largest possible size and place it in the

right place, if possible, in front of windows in order to reflect light or opposite to the other for an infinite

space effect that will bring a surprising dimension to all small rooms. Equally clever, placing a mirror in

front of a wallpaper to deceive the eye. With this row of doors, one can also create new opportunities

and get the same effect of repetition ad infinitum.

Tip # 5: Play on the height of the furniture to enlarge a small room

According to Camille Hermand, interior designer, “the feeling of space is also obtained by choosing low

furniture that can clear the field and therefore, give open space.” Exit shelves climbing to the ceiling and

heavy and tall cabinets, low dressers preferred to save space or wall units to clear the eye and give a

more airy feel. And rather than multiplying small furniture which gives a sense of accumulation, it is

limited to a rather low, long cabinet, especially shallow to visually clear the space.

Tip # 6: Lighten windows to enlarge a small room

To enlarge a small room, it is important to let the light in. This prevents the windows clogging with heavy

and thick curtains as velvet and chose instead lighter curtains in cotton or linen. Choose light-colored, even install

several to increase the opacity when needed.

Tip # 7: gain ground with functional storage

Even the smallest rooms are able to gain space with furniture and functional storage. According to

Camille Hermand, interior designer, you have “free floor space with furniture and storage which include

several features” as a headboard with built-in shelving to ask her bedside book and glasses, bed base

with drawers, desk or a secretary who takes only little depth when the work plan is closed. And side

wardrobe, it is chosen with sliding doors that take up less space than swinging doors.

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