Buy a baby pack and play: what to look for?

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While you have your hands free, your baby is comfortable in the pack and play. Beautiful! But the offer is great, so where do you look at when purchasing a pack and play? You can also read best pack and play reviews at

New or used?

You must first decide whether you want to buy a new or used pack and play. Those who opt for used pack and play can save considerably. The price of a new pack and play namely rises around € 50 to € 600 (or more!) at any major provider. Disadvantage of construction is that you usually do not get a warranty. And you will have to assess whether the pack and plays are secure. With new pack and plays, you can assume that they meet strict safety requirements. Read our buying tips below to know where you should look to buy a pack and play. We also provide information on the available models.


In the shop, there is an appropriate pack and play for anyone: there are square and rectangular, but they may also be round or octagonal. They are for one child, but also for two. With a good pack and play, you can adjust the height. The first month, you use the highest setting. As your baby gets more mobile, you can put down the bottom so that your child can explore his environment without the risk of having fall out of the pack and play. Most pack and plays have bars on the side. Other, often lighter models, a net. They are also a handy storage tray, though you can also easily slide a roll box below. There are also folding pack and plays, which you can easily carry or can keep handy until the next shoot has arrived.

Mobile pack and play

Some pack and plays have wheels. If you have the space, such a pack and play on wheels is convenient. For example, you can put it in the kitchen while cooking. That is cozy and you can take better control. Were you a little convenient? Then screw you as a set of wheels of the construction under a pack and play without wheels. Choose wheels that can carry enough weight for a pack and play is pretty heavy. One or two wheels with a brake is convenient: you can lock the pack and play.

Buying Tips: what to look for?

In the first place, a pack and play must be safe. When buying a new or second-hand pack and play on the following issues:

  • The space between the bottom and the side wall must not exceed half a centimeter.
  • The pack and play must be sufficiently deep, otherwise, your child can climb out. Then check yourself: with the soil in the low position you measure from the ground to the highest point of the side: this must be at least 60 cm away. Do the same measurement with the soil in the raised position, the distance must be at least 30 cm.
  • The distance between the bars should be, as well as be at a safe bed, between 4.5 and 6.5 cm.
  • In a net pack and play with walls of wire mesh instead of bars, the mesh can be up to 0.7 cm. This is to prevent your child trapped or suffocate if he shows its teeth against the side of his face. Particular care in older boxes: wishing sometimes differs on this point.
  • Leave a properly fitted playmat in the pack and play to prevent your child may become jammed under the rug. An extra mattress in the pack and play to be highly discouraged for this reason.
  • A collapsible pack and play must have a child-proof lock.
  • Height adjustment should only be possible with tools.
  • Splinters or flaking paint on a wooden pack and play, torn loopholes, crumbling foam or other protrusions – often at the edges of a net pack and play: all out of the question. Buy a pack and play with such a defect is not.
  • The pack and play should not wobble or – your worst nightmare – tilt as for example a sibling depends on it. A pack and play on wheels? Note that this can block.
  • Do you have a pack and play that you want to paint yourself? Use water-based paint. Painter preferably a few thin layers on each other, because they make less loose might suck or bite your child on the wood.

Safe environment

A pack and play should be marked a safe place for your child. Therefore, pay attention to a secure environment in and around the pack and play:

  • Do not put the pack and play too close to the stove or heater associated with the risk of overheating.
  • Make sure your child can become entangled in anything, such as a low-hanging mobile top pack and play or curtain cords if you are standing at the window.
  • Lay not overfill the pack and play with toys, because using an agile child stack so as a stepping stone to climb out.

Tips for buying a tent.

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You go camping with a tent, but what do you look for when you buy a tent? These are essential tips for how to choosing cheap camping tents for sale

1. How many people?

How many people stay in the tent? Do not save on space, because keep in mind that if you are in bad weather, you all need to sit inside together. “Too big tent is a luxury, but too small a tent is a raw deal”. In the tent industry, it is often considered to spend sixty-centimeter width per person, but that is too little. Take at least a tent for five people, if you are with three other people”.

2. Check the campsite?

Are you already at the campsite? Find out how great the place. On most sites, you will find extensive maps. And please call or email them to ask for different information. Many people are afraid that they can not place a large tent at a campsite, and therefore choose a too small one. They think this is not necessary. And it turns out that the tent is too tight.

3. What do you feel?

You should feel like being at home in your tent, because you are going to spend a lot of time in the tent. I always let people just look around first. What shape do you like? What size fits you? What color do you like? Try to sense to choose a tent. ”

4. How much money?

In an ideal world, you can tune your budget on the perfect tent. But unfortunately, the opposite is true for most of us, especially in this time of crisis. That is why I always ask what people want to spend at maximum. If they have less to spend, it makes no sense to make them tasty with large, costly tents.

Keep in mind: how often do you use the tent? Are you going alone on vacation? You might want to spend more money on your second home.

5. Tunnel, bungalow, pyramid?

Most families today opt for a tunnel tent that is easy to set up thanks to the bow sticks and offer a lot (am) space. Tents are still there, but they are actually used only when people camping all season. They are the most stable, and offer the most space because the walls are straight up.

But it is a huge hassle with such heavy sticks frame. The pyramid shape is also clearly displaced by the tunnel tent.

6. Pulling or permanent place?

As a standard rule I use: if you move, choose a polyester fabric, and if you stand in one place, take a cotton tent. Polyester tents are lighter and dry faster: ideal when you have to relocate frequently and quickly. But cotton tents breathe better and are more robust, and that is fine if you constantly dwell in your semi-house.

Cotton is however more expensive, hence permanent campers now set off with polyester. And poly cotton is booming because it is cheaper than cotton, but more breathable than polyester.

7. Car, bike, walking?

How much space do you have? If you go out with the bike, you need a very light, compact tent of polyester (or nylon). If you have a small car, you have a little more space, but a large cotton colossus of more than sixty kilos will therefore not succeed.

8. When you go and where?

Where are you going to? Whether you end up in the rain and / or cold? The heat is fine with cotton, especially if you have no shade. In a polyester tent, it quickly becomes too stuffy. And the fabric is also easily damaged: polyester is literally burnt in the sun.

And what if you go to rainy areas? Polyester dries faster, so it can be an advantage in wet weather. The disadvantage of polyester with wetness: it can feel stuffy inside faster. In both sun and rain, poly-cotton blend naturally is an attractive shape.

9. Sticks or pumps?

Air tents are quite popular. They are faster, and you do not have to drag and play with sticks. It is a good development because the ease of use. What if a tube (air tube, ed.) breaks down during your vacation? You must then play, and get a bucket of water to locate the leak.

Family Tent Center

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5 Things you should know before buying aromatherapy diffusers

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Burners essential oils, aromatherapy diffusers, vaporizers, and more … They are a great way to purify and revitalize the home environment with excellent aromas of healing. But what model of aromatherapy is right for you? Vaporizers are available in all kinds of colors and designs. Using a vaporizer is a very simple to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy manner. Vaporizers are widely available.

Another great device is an oil burner. Some essential oils burners with a tea-light candle. Essential oils are flammable, so be very careful around flames and heat sources. If you use a tape recorder to spread the oil, put water on the burner first. The essential oil is set in the air as the water evaporates. Also, you should keep an eye on the essential oil is burned.

Finally, electric aromatherapy diffusers, which permeates a fine mist of your favorite essential oils through the air. Recently, the ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is the most popular model because there is a risk of burns. It also turns off automatically when the water level drops below a certain height. Very safe and easy to use before buying an aromatherapy diffuser, essential oils follow these tips before

5 Tips for using essential oils

  1. Essential oils are flammable, so be very careful around flames and heat sources. If you use a tape recorder to spread the oil, put water on the burner first. The safest and easiest to use speaker is the electric aromatherapy diffuser Chi Activate. No flame at all just put the oil and water in the diffuser and ultrasound waves essential oils are broken.
  2. Do not drink essential oils. Essential oils are for external use only. Some essential oils can be very toxic if swallowed.
  3. Do not apply undiluted essential oils directly. Only lavender and tea tree oil are exceptions to this rule.
  4. Keep all essential oils out of the reach of children.
  5. If you want to use essential oils during pregnancy, the child or young person, please seek the advice of an experienced and qualified before aromatherapy.

What essential oil should be used?

Always use only 100% pure essential oils, synthetic oils, since they have the healing properties of pure essential oils. There are many different blends to choose to put in your aroma diffuser. You may have a mixture of relaxation when you return home after a long day of work.

If you are considering a combination of energy will help you concentrate more. You may even want to create a special party mix if you are having a party or to celebrate his birthday. Or create a romantic atmosphere for your lover. Experiment with your favorite essential oils can be fun and rewarding.

Ultrasound essential oil diffuser

They are used to effectively disseminate their essential oils. With this ultrasonic aroma diffuser, live pure and natural experience of hydro diffusion and micro-mobilization of essential oils to scent the interior of your home or your office. Easy to use, lighting and spray flow are adjustable.

The ultrasonic waves act on a solution of water and essential oils creating a mist of millions of micro-particles of essential oils that act to improve their health and welfare.


  • With safety device that shuts off the unit automatically when there is 20 ml in the water reservoir. Silent and low power consumption.
  • Dimensions: Height 15 cm. Base 10 cm wide.
  • Electrical characteristics: 24V 500mA.
  • Power: 18 W. Capacity 100 ml. 3.30 hours broadcast continuously at full power.
  • A program to change the color of the diffuser and leave fixed or changing color.
  • Three intensities of vapor emission.
  • Reserve water filling easy.
  • It works only in sectors 220 V / 230 V – 50 Hz.

The micro-diffusion of aromatic molecules can create the atmosphere you want depending on the oil you choose: relaxing, tonic, fresh and spicy … Enter the world of thousand and one scents of essential oils. This Mist sprayer provides three important features: purifies air, slightly moisten the atmosphere and improves the olfactory atmosphere of the place where it is. This device is ideal for any room in the house, conference room, hotels, beauty salons, and cosmetic, etc …


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Essential oil diffuser, the best way to spread an essential oil

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Do you know what a diffuser essential oils? Discover the most effective way to disseminate essential oils maintaining all its properties. Today, I will tell you my experience with essential oil, one of the best investments I’ve made in recent years.

About two and a half years ago, I bought this essential oil diffuser and for me it was a discovery, always used to use oil burners and have to say that I now understand why it was recommended, it is a blast.

Experience with essential oil diffuser

The first thing I loved was to receive his presentation, it comes in a box perfectly protected and safe so that the glass will not break, a department which includes instructions and everything you need to know about this essential oil diffuser.

Of course, I quickly took all the pieces to get started immediately, the assembly has no mystery, simply fit the three pieces, has a wooden base, a header glass consists of two pieces.

If I have to say that the glass is a little delicate so be careful when handling, but good as carefully as we would with any utensil glass neither more nor less. I found a place in my living room where I knew I did not move much and is not a passageway to pull anyone.

Essential oils diffuser

Operation is super simple, the back will find a wheel to turn and scale the broadcast power, of course, I put it to maximum power

Once connected and before turning I prepared a blend of essential oils, for me are the best because they are Bio and also chemotype, ie, when using these oils have the assurance that their properties are guaranteed, are oils that use parts of the right to keep their properties intact plant.

I tell you my favorite mix, which of course at the time of start with Green Worries I included in the catalog, you know that every product in the shop Green Concern is personally selected and complies with qualities and characteristics of quality and certification. All our products are certified natural. I will not expatiate and I tell you my favorite mix:

And not enough with all this a surprise we still, this diffuser provides ambient LED light, a touch that makes it perfect for the experience to be perfect in the review I have prepared showed how the diffuser works and have turned off the light at a time when the video light so you can see how it works.

FAQs essential oil diffuser

What surface reaches? The essential oil diffuser Nobile has a range from 10 m² to 100 m² so it is enough for a house, obviously if we have a house structure with many twists and doors will not reach everywhere, so I have located a lounge area with access to the corridor, so the spread is quite spread through the house.

Does it last long? Yes, the life of this essential oil diffuser is quite long, I have two and a half years ago and I use it every day, even twice a day.

A lot is spent product? It’s amazing what saves on essential oils compared to the burners, just a few drops of product diffuses two hours, I usually use 10-15 drops of oil per broadcast session.

It makes noise? The essential oil diffuser Nobile is not loud, I personally do not I hear.

Is there a guarantee? As electrical appliance comes with a warranty.

What if I do not want to use it two hours? Nothing happens, just turn it off when you decide.

Is the oil must be mixed with water? NEVER mix oil with water, this essential oil diffuser is used with pure essential oils only.

Where can I get it? You will find the essential oil diffuser will found Nobile and essential oils if any question you can not find without obligation and we can include it in our catalog.

What price? Its market price may vary, we offer the Green Concerns essential oil diffuser Nobile at a competitive price of 55 €.

I hope you enjoyed my experience with essential oil diffuser Nobile, if you have any questions do not hesitate I Have This Test in the comments or advice in the area of Green Concerns personally will attend your query without obligation.

Get in our online store and discover your natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics and cosmetics fair trade. Hygiene also finds free of synthetic chemicals and more

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Aromatherapy: diffusers and essential oils

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Aromatherapy is a therapy that can treat patients with essential oils.

Caution: Essential oils should never be applied directly to the skin without using a vegetable oil based and should be ingested. It should be taken only diluted in base oil and only on the advice of a professional aromatherapist. One of the best uses of essential oils is by inhalation thereof.

Essential oils that we recommend are 100% natural and ecological chemotype. Specifically, we recommend the use of essential oils, as well as being ecological and chemotype when acquired it helps people at risk of social exclusion.

In this article, we will not talk about the use of essential oils on the skin using another carrier oil but let’s talk about how to make the spread of the essential oil in the environment for inhalation.

Below some of the properties of some essential oils:

Can we get spray the essential oil in the environment ?

We will do it through the diffusers. We have tested aroflora diffusers, namely, two models: the EasyFuzz (TM) and USB computer, although there are many more such as car diffusers that can be connected directly to the 12V cigarette lighter socket.

Broadcast Types

  • ULTRASOUND: Allows cold mix the essential oil with water in a light haze thanks to ultrasound. It is a silent method and allows humidify the air, which is usually dried by air conditioning systems.
  • Ventilation: By air flow diffusion allows the diffusion of essential oil. the microparticles are propelled and all properties are preserved because no oil is hot.
  • MIST: Another cold diffusion method that preserves all the properties of the oils. The air is propelled and a light mist is achieved.
  • FOR MILD HEAT RELEASE: Easy to use and economical. It is quiet and effective.

Diffusers essential oils, all are equal?

Essential oils diffusers are widely used by lovers of aromatherapy as it is an ideal way to benefit from this therapy.


An essential oil is an aromatic product that is extracted from the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants PAM by steam stripping technique (and in the case of citrus by expression of its shell). It is highly concentrated, aromatic, non-oily, water insoluble and non-volatile. Its last feature is what allows you to open a jar containing it can perceive its aroma. And it is that we use in diffusers essential oils to scent the air from the room and receive the benefits of this product.

The volatile characteristic is that for the dissemination interests us most. I define volatility as the passage of a gas-liquid substance at ambient temperature. If we increase the temperature then volatility increases. In the case of essential oils, what interests us is that they can be dispersed in the air faster and they can reach wider spaces.

What is essential oils diffusers?

A diffuser of essential oils in the sense that we use in Aromatherapy is an element that helps us through the traditional and usually heat from a tea candle to more effectively disperse essential oils. Focus generating heat can also be used (this is called electric diffusers). There are essential oils ultrasonic diffusers or cold, already discussed in another article.

You can also use essential oils from a simple cotton handkerchief or left outdoors to jewelry specially designed to be used individually, through a myriad of attachments which release essential oils into the air.

How Diffusers Essential Oils are used?

The essential oil is added to a bowl of hot water as if exposed to direct fire most likely burn with which the therapeutic properties are lost.

The diffuser sailing and electrical increase the water temperature where the essential oils so placed that although these are insoluble in water, are “carried” by the steam which rises from the container in which they are contained. It is important here to say that the heat source should NOT boil water. The temperature should be only enough to allow volatile essential oils and water evaporation smoothly. In any case, essential oils should “liberates” out of the bottle to conquer the air … and beyond.

Essential oils diffusers allow only employ an essential oil or a mixture thereof. Some, however, must be employed with care: ginger, thyme, mint, cinnamon, rosemary can be very irritating to both the exposed skin such as facial skin or delicate mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Is considered safe from 5 drops add up to 12-15 drops of pure or mixed to make a synergy that elevates its therapeutic essential oils.

Why it therapeutically?

Essential oils diffusers serve primarily to:

To release the aromas of essential oils into the air and from there perceived so pleasant. This technique is well suited to modulate the responses of pleasure people get their aromas. It is suitable to acclimate the common and individual spaces and impact for example in cases of insomnia, stress, anxiety, fear, restlessness. Suitable essential oils are for example; lavender, sandalwood, clary, marjoram, lemon, mandarin, cedar, geranium, litsea, etc.

To achieve clean environments since all essential oils are cleansing, antiseptic, air properties. This is well suited to hit a respiratory system suffering from respiratory tract infections such as flu, colds, tonsillitis, sinusitis. Suitable essential oils for this purpose are; mint, rosemary, ravensara, eucalyptus, thyme, etc.


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How to enlarge a small room?

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Enlarge a small room is not so complicated! To visually save some m2 without having to push the walls,

find here some useful tips. Follow our 7 easy and simple tips to enlarge a small room, with advice

from the interior designer Camille Hermand.

The bedroom is your refuge, such as your home. Yours is too small? To enlarge a small room without any

big renovation, we must optimize the space intelligently. Low ceiling, too dark or unsuitable furniture on

the walls, it is still possible to gain free space and to create a customized space sensation. Here are our 7


Tip # 1: Clean up to avoid cluttering the room

To enlarge a small room, we must first clean things up because every cluttered room immediately

appears smaller. We must sort things out, throw unnecessary things to not give a feeling of

accumulation. This advice can be applied to clog space, but also for unsuitable or too bulky furniture.

Tip # 2: Choose light colors to enlarge a small room

The golden rule to give the illusion of a larger room is to use light colors. Blue in combination with

white is the color that grows more room when chosen in a lighter shade. One can also bet on the pastel

colors like powder pink and pale green, or even more neutral shades such as cream, sand, putty or

twine. If the room is too small, opt for total white look for wall, floor and ceiling. But in general, we

must keep in mind that we should always choose the color of the floor and ceiling a bit darker to give an

impression of space.

Tip # 3: Light system to enlarge a small room

To enlarge a small room, you can highlight the walls by lighting. According to Camille Hermand, interior

designer, you can restore the volume of a narrow and poorly proportioned room playing on the light.

Multiple light sources, and illuminate the different areas such as the reading area, library or office.

Multiple spaces and bright spots in the same volume, it gives the feeling of a larger room. To balance the

part and stretch the walls, you may also distribute a light from the bottom up or even place an LED light strip on the ground.

Tip # 4: Hang mirrors to enlarge a small room

The mirrors are unmatched to enlarge a small room. Choose the largest possible size and place it in the

right place, if possible, in front of windows in order to reflect light or opposite to the other for an infinite

space effect that will bring a surprising dimension to all small rooms. Equally clever, placing a mirror in

front of a wallpaper to deceive the eye. With this row of doors, one can also create new opportunities

and get the same effect of repetition ad infinitum.

Tip # 5: Play on the height of the furniture to enlarge a small room

According to Camille Hermand, interior designer, “the feeling of space is also obtained by choosing low

furniture that can clear the field and therefore, give open space.” Exit shelves climbing to the ceiling and

heavy and tall cabinets, low dressers preferred to save space or wall units to clear the eye and give a

more airy feel. And rather than multiplying small furniture which gives a sense of accumulation, it is

limited to a rather low, long cabinet, especially shallow to visually clear the space.

Tip # 6: Lighten windows to enlarge a small room

To enlarge a small room, it is important to let the light in. This prevents the windows clogging with heavy

and thick curtains as velvet and chose instead lighter curtains in cotton or linen. Choose light-colored, even install

several to increase the opacity when needed.

Tip # 7: gain ground with functional storage

Even the smallest rooms are able to gain space with furniture and functional storage. According to

Camille Hermand, interior designer, you have “free floor space with furniture and storage which include

several features” as a headboard with built-in shelving to ask her bedside book and glasses, bed base

with drawers, desk or a secretary who takes only little depth when the work plan is closed. And side

wardrobe, it is chosen with sliding doors that take up less space than swinging doors.

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The decor contributes to the awakening of the child

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How to build and decorate the baby’s room? Delphine Guyart, interior decorator, and Angélique

Cimelière Kosinski, a clinical child psychologist bring you tips and tricks for your toddler to flourish under the best

conditions in his room.

Provisions facilities and spaces must be taken into account: what color to choose for the walls and

furniture of the baby’s room? Should we prefer a bed with or without bars? The best flooring

is carpeting? We will offer design tips and tricks to awaken gently the newborn.

1. What bed and where to place it in the baby’s room for its fulfillment?

The baby is accustomed to a small space which is none other than the womb. This is why a small bed is

recommended, with rounded shapes and curves so as not to prevent him from hurting himself by

bumping. The bars are rather avoided for our interior designer because they distort the vision of the

toddler and do not allow him clarity and optimal field of view. Delphine Guyart also give advice “This

gives the baby the feeling of being ‘imprisoned’. The term is perhaps a little strong but transparent or

inclined bars are better.” The psychologist chooses, in turn, to the security of a traditional crib. “The

infant was not even aware of their existence”, said Angélique Cimelière Kosinski.

Regarding the location of the bed, it is best not to place it near the window. Sometimes the light is too

bright and can blind children. “I will say that the best place would be the opposite of the door in the

middle of the room, so the view is completely clear from the cradle,” said

Delphine Guyart. “A cradle is good and does not harm the baby. It does not rise and can only move from

right to left. The height also allows it to have a wider field. ”

Reviewed by Angelique Kosinski Cimelière for parents who use a mobile above the bed: “You should

know that some babies like this ritual while others are not receptive. In a careful process of falling

asleep but if parents travel a lot with their infants, this may cause problems when you go to sleep if the

toddler does not have access, for example. ”

Delphine Guyart tip for parents who use a mobile above the bed: “You can put a mobile above the bed

but we need parents to move during the sleep phase to avoid disturbing the sleep of the child. ”

2. What color to positively stimulate the baby: pink for girls, blue for boys? Not necessarily…

Delphine Guyart, choose soft colors. beige shades, salmon, pastel … Then as the child grows, you can go

on brighter colors. “I often mix a neutral base paint with a colorful wall”, said this lover of Deco. In the

future, the child can choose what he or she prefers for their room according to their taste! But be

careful to select environmentally friendly paint which is non-harmful to the baby. Angélique Kosinski

Cimelière thinks the same, but made a few nuances: “I would rather opt for neutral and pastel colors.

Too many bright colors stimulate the child and it is not good for his development”.

Delphine Guyart: “I advise everyone, including non-owners of Scotch masking tape, which originally was

used to hide small cracks and baseboards. Now you can find this tape in different colors and various

patterns at a quite reasonable price and it is easy to remove, reuse and will not leave marks on the

walls”. Practice when moving children’s drawings on the walls!

3. The floor in the toddler’s room

To make the room more cherub, you can tile the floor. But Delphine Guyart is unequivocal: “The tile

floor is not pleasant for the baby for two reasons: Coldness and noisy”. This can really hinder the

awakening of the child.


The carpet, meanwhile, is suffering from a very bad image, often seen as the nest dust and bacteria by

the excellence of the house. For our interior decorator, “If well maintained, the carpet may be

appropriate in a baby’s room, provided that the shoes are prohibited. It has the advantage not to twirl

like dust on the parquet for example”. However, it is very difficult to remove, in a teenager’s bedroom

and he wants to replace, it will take you a lot of elbow grease. Indeed, wood is very attractive and warm,

in addition to a few fluffy carpet.

To the floor of the nursery, Angelique Kosinski Cimelière is more measured: ” The family can use the

ground to make a real distinction between the space of each, using different colors of carpet, for

example. This process allows the toddler to quickly have benchmarks, rules, always in a positive

development of logic”.


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How to arrange a dressing room in the bedroom?

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The piles of clothes and accessories accumulate in your closet and you are serious about arrange

a dressing room in your bedroom? Surface and ideal location, composition of storage … This is an

update with architects and professional advice sector: Jerome Loizeau, product manager Gautier and

Julien Dos Santos, head of Quadro shop.

A well-organized closet, some shelves and may be a drawer for accessories… You dream of a dressing in

the bedroom but when taking action, technical issues multiply and make you hesitate. Do not panic ! To

arrange a dressing room in optimizing the best available m2 without missteps, get inspired by these

crafty projects architects and malignant pro tips. Implantation, storage space dimensions, tips and good

ideas instead of gain, they tell you everything!

Start by defining the use of dressing

You want to arrange a dressing room in your room? The first question is its function. “Prepare a detailed

specification of your requirements” advised Jerome Loizeau, product manager Gautier. What would you

put in your dressing room? Do you intend to put large pieces such as coats or ski suit, for example?

“The issue of distribution of storage in the home is also essential”, said Julien Dos Santos, head of the

Quadro shop. Dispose for more storage space in the house for large rooms, a cellar or an attic, a large

closet in the hall. This will further define the outline of your project and the available surface area (and

therefore necessary) to the layout of your dressing.

L, U or I … Choose the shape for dressing room

Whether you choose a custom dressing, more upscale or a model kit with modules to associate the

implementation of your dressing is a crucial issue. L, I, or U … with some relevant questions, it will be

necessary naturally.

“To set the ideal location for your wardrobe, keep in mind several key management settings to optimize

square meters and fit better in the room and your lifestyle”, said Jerome Loizeau. If 4 m2 is enough to

arrange a dressing room in the room, you can not place it anywhere in the room”. Advice?

1- Consider circulation space. You must be able to circulate freely in the room, without contorting you,

so you have to keep corridors of at least 70 cm wide.

2- Provide location for based radiators and windows.

3- Do not forget to consider the loft and lost corners, but the ceiling height.

In a classic piece such as a dressing, it is favored the “L” shape. This configuration allows to take

advantage of the room corners – areas that often lost. As mentioned above, also consider using attic,

under the eaves, with modules in kit specially adapted or custom made. Finally, take advantage of all the

available ceiling height; This will store more without mobilizing additional square meters.

“In a room of 24 m2, there was no storage. We decided to wall up a door that matched the next room to

get a smooth surface and create a customized dressing in medium, through out the pan. The significant

height ceiling (4m) has allowed us to have a lot of storage and create a nice item, very visual, “says

interior designer.

While composing your dressing room in the bedroom

Once the ideal location is found, you must choose the elements of your wardrobe. Wardrobes, shelves,

drawers? Select your modules according to the things you want to store it: only clothes, shoes, or may

be linens? For the latter, for

example, large sliding drawers are particularly suitable.

The golden rule to compose effective storage units? Allow at least 1.20 m of storage per 50 cm deep.

Prefer mixed storage: + closet or racks to store power without restraint all types of clothing. Install a

high closet bar at 160 -180 cm to prevent the dresses and coats not lying around; shelves of 50 cm wide

(a folded garment 35 cm width) or recesses of 70 cm for two columns of folded garments adjacent to

one another. If possible, equip yourself a good high drawer (30 cm), which is always practical to store


Finally, do not throw away specific accessories, they are very handy for daily and are a real space saver.

Choose them according to the composition of your wardrobe: compartmentalized drawers as a tie-door,

sliding pants door, door-shirts shelves for storage without creasing or elevating wardrobes …


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How can you use energy efficiently? 8 tips

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The economic crisis is still lurking around the corner and many families crave some breathing room to

get some extra to spend on something fun. Why not examine your energy? Why not bet on energy

efficiency? You should try to find a happy medium in luxury and minimal comfort. Moreover, you will

also save money by saving energy on your energy bill. And, of course, energy efficiency also has a

positive effect on the environment. Use efficient energy by buying energy-saving lamps, LED lamps,

power strips or electrical devices with an AA + label.

CFLs instead of regular bulbs

Who wants to get energy-efficient, better opt for energy-saving bulbs instead of regular light bulbs. CFLs consume

80% less energy than ordinary bulbs. In addition, a good alternative may be LED lights. These are more

expensive to purchase, but however are very economical in terms of consumption. Most Christmas

lights during the holiday season now exists in LED lighting.

Compare the energy consumption of electrical appliances

When buying an electrical appliance,, you would be well advised to compare different devices. A higher

resolution on a television screen consumes more than a television screen with a lower resolution.

Washing machines and refrigerators have an energy label. An A ++ energy consumes about 30% less

energy than an A + energy. A coffee machine switches itself off automatically is obviously better than

one that you must turn off manually. All of these energy-efficient appliances are slightly more expensive

in terms of cost. In time, however you win something over expensive purchase again.

Choose power strips

With power strips,

you can provide power for multiple electrical appliances simultaneously. Thanks to such a socket, on the

strip, with one central, you can switch off all electrical appliances. Unnecessary power consumption is

very common to let stabbing kinds plugs into the outlet. A standby-killer is also an alternative. This type

of socket will automatically cut the power if an electrical device is no longer used. This way you avoid

the so-called “standby power”.


Time for a solar water heater?

Please take the time to gather information about a solar water heater. Heat through a solar water

heater is very popular and in addition, this method of energy is very environmentally friendly. Before

installing a solar water heater, you should get in some regions subsidies for inclusion. You can recover a

portion of the amount of the plant through the annual tax return. Therefore, inform you well with the

competent authorities.

Opt for an automatic thermostat

Another way to save some money on your energy bill is working with an automatic thermostat. You can

set the thermostat so that your heater will not start if you are going to work. You can also opt to make

to lower the temperature in your room, and do this one hour before going to sleep. Indeed, the

temperature does not drop very fast so you definitely do not feel that it is colder in your living room.

Large energy changes through grants

If you really want a structural intervention in the energy of your home, you can contact an energy

consultant. He can help you to explain the pros and cons surrounding natural gas, electricity, oil or solar

energy. This advisor will also very well aware what adjustments are fiscally advantageous at the time of

the change, so you can recover some money from the tax.

Energy saving lives: shower instead of bath

You can really enjoy a delicious, steaming bath. Yet take a bath save half less energy efficient than a

shower. In addition to the power consumption, by taking a bath, you can also save half the water. Think

twice whether your home should have a bath or a shower.

Let the laundry outside to dry

The clothes were dried outside is the cheapest solution. The condition is of course that you have a

garden or terrace. Or else, you can dry it in a tumble dryer or use the programs with a lower

temperature. In the washing machine, you must make sure that the clothes at high speed is spun dry.

The drier the wax which comes out of the washing machine, the less work the drying cabinet has to gain

to dry the clothes.

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12 ways to partition your space

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Adopt a space divider type of artist workshop to separate two spaces? Industrial style, this trend can isolate partition without separate and preserve maximum natural light. Inspire yourself with these 12 interior designs.

To delimit a room without isolation, opt for the space divider type of artist workshop. This design allows create a lounge, a hallway or a room with a bathroom. More than just a wall, the space divider itself is an indispensable decorative element of industrial design. Find all design here.

1. Separate the sleeping area from the bathroom with an inner glass

The charm of this installation: the discretion of the space divider fits perfectly with the extension of the attic ceiling, creating a nearly invisible separation between the bedroom and the bathroom.

This half-height glass roof allows isolation without separating the two parts. It is ideal for creating a master suite while keeping some privacy. Neutral colors bring a touch of lightness to the two spaces.

Here, the gray and white combination creates the harmony between the bedroom and the bathroom.

The wooden slats present on the ceiling remind the linearity of the space divider. To stay in the charm of simplicity, opt for a bath in the same tones as the walls.

2. The space divider as a liaison between the kitchen and living room

The charm of this installation: this allows you to establish style with communication between the kitchen and living room.

We retain the green water of the wall that highlights the wood of the kitchen and transparency of windows. When one has a beautiful wooden floor, we can create harmony by favoring a wooden kitchen. Be careful though to include color in your home to avoid falling into too overloaded. Here, the space divider itself as true decorative element and perfectly replaces a mirror or a table. And what style is blown by adopting this style of separation tendency.

3. Apartment modernize by a space divider

The charm of this installation: the combination between the old and modern materials. A winning combination that brings an original and contemporary feel, while retaining the charm and authenticity.

Here, the steel glass is used as door separates the bedroom from the living room. This separation thus distingui hes the bedroom area from the living room without breaking the connection between the two spaces thanks to the visibility provided by the transparency of the glass. To keep a modicum of privacy,we avoid the full glass roof and glass doors is favored halfway.

4. A bright bathroom nestled behind a space divider

The charm of this installation: the cocoon effect created by the sloping wall of the bathroom and the ultra bright cabin side allowed by the sliding glass interior. Note that the combination of black glass with white brick walls works perfectly. The positioning of the roof window over space allows diffuse light throughout the bathroom. Most: the patch of grass located near the tub creates a natural effect and assimilate the bathroom. Good idea for furnishings: the sliding glass roof provides a space saving by eliminating the movement of a door.

5. An isolated room in the lounge with a glass cube

The charm of this installation: the intimacy provided by the installation of a space divider to create an isolated, private bedroom area, while keeping a beautiful light – this guest room is installed in the middle of the apartment, without window.

Whether private and open to the living room, this room reveals a playful side allowed by the play ofcolors present on the bed and the slate gray wall, and the cocoon effect provided by the installation and layout of the space divider . As a child, you want to hide them discreetly to observe the show from her room through the glass.

6. A lounge ventilated by two windows

The charm of this installation: semi-open partition topped by a space divider positioned at both ends of the lounge. This arrangement allows for a broader view of the house, including the office installed opposite.

Two glass walls mark the spaces between the living and the living room. When space is open on another part, it is thought to harmonize with styles following the same inspiration.

Good luck with the renovation for your home!


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Quilt choose is not so simple

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A quilt purchase seems like a simple thing. But you will soon notice that there are very many different

quilts which are for sale and play many aspects in the finalization of the selection. Fortunately, the

vendors have it a little easier by setting uniform information available. There is in fact a so-called CIS

Label (Quilt Information System). In addition, a personal opinion of an expert salesman is certainly

important to have a decade of benefit from a good duvet.

Information necessary for correct choice

The CIS-Label has been prepared in cooperation with the Consumers’ Association through the

Foundation Promotion Quilts. That label contains all information indicated that is necessary to be able

to determine a choice. That information includes:

  • Size
  • Warranty
  • Use Directions
  • Weight class
  • Model
  • Ticking
  • Filling weight
  • Filling
  • Heat Class
  • Washing Instructions

Some information data need no explanation as data model and size because the data speak for

themselves. But ticking, stuffing, heat and weight class is more telling.


The confirmation of the two parts of the quilt is of importance in order to obtain a good spread of the

filling, and to hold it in place. As a material used for a mattress cover, it is typically 100% cotton. The two

main features of the ticking are able to absorb and drain perspiration and close enough woven to keep

well within the filling. The stitching is to keep the filling in place and depend on the filling, it involves:

  • Jobs
  • Square
  • Open square
  • Point


The most important part of a quilt is, of course, the filling. There are different kinds of fillings and the

choice is, above all, very personal and depends on the budget.


Down consists of very fine and less fine feathers of geese or ducks. A down comforter is lightweight,

supple and warm. People who are allergic to dust mites should buy a down comforter. Even for people

who is sweating a lot at night, a down comforter is ideal because it absorbs moisture quickly and drain



Quilts filled with synthetic fibers are ideal for people with allergies. These quilts are light and airy.

Hollow synthetic fibers are more resilient than closed fibers and also insulate better. Synthetic fibers are

odor-free, dust-free and hypoallergenic. Although synthetic quilt can be washed, it is advisable that they

often do because the filling of washing can shrink. Regularly shake and occasionally airing is



Wool filling is usually 100% lamb’s wool. Wool can absorb a lot of moisture and has natural insulating

properties. A wool duvet is less flexible and more rigid than a down comforter. It also includes a

comforter stuffed with wool less close to the body. The absorbed moisture is well converted into water

vapor which is removed easily. For that reason, wool is warm in winter and cool in summer.


Cotton as a filling for a duvet is ideal for people who easily feel hot. A cotton quilt is heavier than other

types but also a synthetic quilt anti-allergic. A cotton quilt can be washed and is like wool which is

suitable for both summer and winter.


A Cashmere duvet is filled

with wool from the Cashmere goat which lives high in the mountains where it during the day and warm

at night is cold. The properties of the fleece of the Cashmere goat are fine for the fluctuation of

temperature. The harvest of wool goat is so small so that consequently the price of a cashmere quilt is

very high.


Tussah silk is a kind

from the oak caterpillar spinner from China. Because that side has no resiliency Tussah is mixed with

wool. The filling is breathable and moisture-wicking.

Heat classes

There are four thermal classes, each has its specific characteristics.

Class 1

This class includes comforters with high thermal insulation. When you sleep with open windows, it can

also be used in the winter, these quilts are fine and also suitable for people who feel cold easily.

Class 2

These quilts have an average thermal insulation and are therefore suitable for all seasons if the

bedroom has no hot or cold temperature.

Class 3

These quilts are ideal for spring and autumn, when the bedroom is not that cold but are used by some

people all year round.

Class 4

Quilts belonging to this class include quilts with low thermal insulation suitable therefore it is for

summer use or for people who easily feel hot.

Weight Classes

Also the weight of quilts is divided into four categories. Assuming a quilt with the dimensions 140 x 200

centimeters categories:

  • Super light – up to 1200 grams
  • Light – from 1300 grams to 1700 grams
  • Medium – from 1800 grams to 2400 grams
  • Heavy – more than 2,500 grams
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